Eating disorders in south east Scotland
Forth Valley Fife Lothian Borders

About us

This is the website of the regional network for eating disorders in south-east Scotland, a multi-professional clinical network set up under the auspices of SEAT (South East and Tayside Regional Planning Group) to provide education, training, clinical and planning advice across the four NHS health boards of the region – Lothian, Forth Valley, Fife and Borders.

The network meets every two months in Edinburgh and is led by Dr Chris Freeman, the Regional Consultant for Eating Disorders, based at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital.

If you would like further information, or to find out about joining the network, please contact us by email at

The network would like to thank, The Cullen Centre (Edinburgh) and The Northumberland Eating Disorders Project Group of 1997 for kindly permitting the use of some of their material for this website.