Eating disorders in south east Scotland
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Forth Valley

Education and public awareness (tier 0)

Publicly accessible information

NHS Forth Valley has produced and collated information and resources on general aspects of mental health and well being on the Moodjuice website, which can be readily accessed by the public.

Communities and local neighbourhoods (tier 1)


In the first instance, contact would be with the GP. The GP may monitor the patient medically according to NHS QIS guidelines and may refer the patient for services such as Primary Care Clinical Psychology, or Dietetics.

NHS QIS guidelines

Primary healthcare: primary care mental health (tier 2)

Clinical psychology

Clinical Psychologists working in Primary Care accept referrals for people with less severe eating disorders who are medically stable enough to be managed in the community and who are ready to engage in psychological therapy.

Referrals can be made by a GP.

Clinical Psychology departments in NHSFV are located throughout the region.

GPs can also refer to Specialist Mental Health Dietetic services.

Mental health services (tier 3)

Specialist Eating Disorder Service

NHSFV have a specialist Eating Disorder Service which is based at Kildean Hospital in Stirling.This is a Forth Valley wide service for people between the ages of 19- 65.

Younger patients would be seen by the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services in NHSFV.

Referrals are accepted from GPs, other professionals within the Mental Health Services, Dietetics and our General Medical colleagues.

Problems would be moderate to severe in nature and the multi-disciplinary team - which consists of a Consultant Psychiatrist, Senior Nurse Therapist, Cognitive Behavioural Therapist (CBT) and Senior Mental Health Dieticians - offer assessment and treatment mainly on an out patient basis. Treatment can be individually or in a group. Therapists work closely with the Dieticians, often developing joint packages of care. We are also able to access Day Hospital assessment, Occupational Therapy assessment and provision of Art Therapy.
The main aim is to treat and support people at home.

People with a less severe Eating Disorder are usually managed within the General Psychiatric services and / or Day Hospital provision.

Specialist services, outpatient and inpatient (tier 4)

NHSFV has access to one inpatient bed for Eating Disorder patients in Ward 1 in Falkirk Royal Infirmary. This is a General Psychiatric ward and the team would work closely with the inpatient staff to ensure continuity of care, particularly dietetic input.

Should referral to the independent sector (that is, The Priory Hospital, Glasgow or Huntercombe Hospital Edinburgh) be considered, this would require agreed funding by the General Manager of the Complex Care Budget within NHSFV.

There are plans to develop an NHS in- patient unit for the South-East Scotland region.

NHSFV are also members of the Regional Network for South-East Scotland.

Enquiries to...
Shivaun McGrath
Team Secretary
Eating Disorders Service NHSFV
Kildean Hospital
Drip Road, Raploch
Telephone 01786 458628